Lettice – The Young Scripture Distributor

After writing her final secondary school examinations, Lettice Kazenga, 15, received back her book-fund deposit because she had not lost any school text book.

With that money she decided to buy Christian books and Bibles to sell at a reduced price or give for free to those who cannot afford to buy.

Lettice Kasenga1“I’ve always wanted to become a pastor,” she said with a beaming face. “But my church does not ordain women pastors. So I thought there’s another way I can serve God. So I started evangelizing to people – telling them the Good News about our Lord Jesus Christ.”

In her evangelism work, she found out that most people do not have a Bible or any Christian material to read. That is what moved her to use her book-fund money to buy Christian books and Bibles to sell at a subsidized price or give away as she talks to people about Jesus Chirist in their homes, on the road or at any place she has the opportunity to evangelize.

One day, as she was listening to TransWord Radio, she heard an advert about reduced Bible prices. She immediately came to Bible House Shop to buy some Bible, traveling from Thyolo (about 45km).

“When I heard the advert,” she said, “I couldn’t help it but come to buy the Bibles because they are cheaper than where I used to get them. This way I can get a few more to distribute”. She bought four Chichewa Bibles to use in her evangelism work.

Asked what problems she was meeting in her work, Lettice said, “Well, I don’t see them as problems, but maybe challenges. I rejoice in them because

Lettice with BSM sales staff, Joyce & Bessie

Lettice with BSM sales staff, Joyce & Bessie

even Jesus had to meet opposition in his work. People look at my age and not take me seriously. But it’s okay. Some people receive me.”

Always buoyant in her manner, Lettice talks of the joy she has in the work she does. She was excited that with the little money she had, she could get a few Bibles for some people out there who are in need of God’s Word in their life.

Lettice is waiting for her entrance into the university in the coming year.

Buku Lopatulika has been revised

Buku Lopatulika ndilo Mau a Mulungu is the first Bible to be translated among all Malawian languages. The translation work of this Bible took over 20 years, from about 1900 to 1922. The translation work was done at a place called Kaso, Mvera in Dowa District. This work was done by missionaries from Dutch Reformed Church Mission and Church of Scotland Mission, with the help of some Malawians.BLP Revised-small

Small revisions were done in 1936 and in 1966 to include cross references and section headings. Since then, no major revision was carried out.

Some of the Chichewa words and terms used when the translation was first done, are very old and difficult to be understood by most Chichewa readers and speakers today. For this reason, it was imperative that a revision be made to make Buku Lopatulika more understood by its users.

The revision work was enormous and took about two years to be completed. The revision included the following:

  1. Adopting the current orthography rules, eg. Pfuko=fuko; bvuto=vuto; ciyambi=chiyambi
  2. Consistency in writing and translation of words and key-terms has been improved. Eg. Sanctuary, linen
  3. Archaic words have been replaced with current words, eg makumbi=makonde, likole=chipinda; cholowera, chitole, maguta=makoma
  4. Ambiguous translations have been improved, eg. James 2:1

English (RSV): My brethren, show no partiality as you hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ

Buku Lopatulika: Abale anga, musakhale nacho chikhulupiriro cha Ambuye wathu Yesu Kristu

Revised Buku Lopatulika: Abale anga, pakuti muli nacho chikhulupiriro cha Ambuye wathu Yesu Khristu

  1. Textual problems have been explained, eg Mat. 17:21; Mrk 7:16
  2. Large paragraphs/sections have been split into shorter sections eg. Mat. 18:15 & 18:21
  3. Words that have changed meaning have been replaced, eg. Mat.4:5

Buku Lopatulikanamuika Iye pamwamba pa chimbudzi cha Kachisi

Revised Buku Lopatulika – namuika Iye pamwamba penipeni pa Kachisi

  1. Wordlist (glossary) to explain difficult terms has been added
  2. Table of weights has been added to understand measurements
  3. Parallel references have been added to refer to other passages with the same story
  4. Book Introductions have been added to each book to explain the theme and outline of the book

Ciyawo and Chichewa Audio Bibles Launched

Yao Audio Bible launch3

Apostle Timothy Khoviwa handing over the Ciyawo Audio Bible to Mr Herbert Momba

On 20th February, 2016, the Bible Society in conjunction with Davar Partnership International, launched the Yawo Audio Bible in Mangochi. 40 Church leaders and missionaries working in Mangochi attended the launch which was graced by the Presidential Advisor to the president on Religious Affairs, Apostle Timothy Khoviwa.

Mr Johan Louw who represented Davar Partnership International from South Africa, outlined the process taken to arrive at the recording of Yawo Bible.   Davar Partnership has trained two Malawians who will undertake the implementation of the use of the audio Bible in Malawi.

On 21st February, the launch for Chichewa – Buku Lopatulika Audio Bible took place at Fishers, Trainers and Senders (FTS) facility in Lilongwe.  Thirty-

Audio Bible2

Audio Bible

five church and parachurch organization leaders were attended the event, and the Board Chairman of Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) Rev. Dr. Chatha Msangaambe, was in attendance as guest of honour.

Speakers at the two events emphasized the importance of God’s Word, that those who do not know how to read, may have the opportunity of listening to the Word of God.