Yawo Literacy Program

In 2014 the first ever Chiyawo Bible was produced and launched. There was excitement among Yawo speakers that they can now read the Word of God in their own language. However, a good number of the speakers do not know how to read and write.

In order to make the Chiyawo Bible an open book, the Bible Society has embarked on a Chiyawo Literacy program.

The materials production workshop was held and was very well attended by local chiefs, local interested parties in literacy as well as district government education officials from Mozambique. The event was marked by a high degree of enthusiasm and a strong spirit of cooperation.  The workshop lasted four weeks.

During the workshop, a linguistic study was conducted to determine those letter most frequently used to make words. Primers and teacher’s guide were produced.klaas-presenting-cert

It is expected that the literacy program will run for eight months in 2017 and will have a total of 60 classes.

The workshop was conducted by Mr Rudy Klaas, SIL Consultant.

BS Malawi installs a generator


Generator being lowered by a crane


Generator being rolled to it’s position

Malawi is going through massive power cuts due to the low water levels in the Shire River, which is the source of hydro-electric power throughout the country. The increased load-shedding has affected homes as well as business. The Bible House has, on average, three days of regular power. In order to mitigate the power problem, a 33kVA generator has been installed at Bible House. This has made a big difference in the day-to-day activities as work continues without power interruptions.

The installation of the generator was done through the Stepping Stone Project funded by British & Foreign Bible Societies (BFBS).