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We are keen to hear from anyone who has skills and gifts which can be used to help us further our mission. The way this is done can be fluid and creative – you may want to offer your services for a period of time, or you may have specific skills to help address a particular issue in our Bible Society for instance:

  • promoting the work of Bible Society in your Church.
  • organising fundraising events, and Bible engagement activities
  • participating in fundraising events and activities.

Or maybe you just love the mission of the Bible Society, and want to help?
We are always happy to talk to prospective partners about opportunities for you to work with us – please email providing as much information as possible and someone will be in touch with you to discuss some options.

Who Can Apply?

  • Those who would like to regularly pray for the Bible Society of Malawi
  • Those who will use their special talents, gifts and abilities to promote the Bible cause.
  • Those who would like to promote the importance of owning a Bible and engaging with it only daily basis.
  • Those who would like to promote and share information about Bible Society with their Church and community.
  • Everyone Who Want To Join?
  • Everyone Who Want To Join?
  • Every Gender, Age, Profession
  • Every Gender, Age, Profession
  • People Who Like To Help
  • People Who Like To Help


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