Students receiving new testaments
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Bibles distributed in Secondary Schools

Whistling, jeering, hand claps, shouting and beating of desks by cheering students greeted the Bible Society vehicle that brought the Bibles to be distributed to the schools. Their joy was It was like a dream come true – a dream to have their own Bible.

Happy and smiling faces were a common sight in every school the Bible Society Staff went to distribute New Testament under the 1 Million Bibles project funded by the American Bible Society.

After the introductory remarks and reason for the visit, then came the moment all the students had been waiting for. One by one, each of the students lined up and surged forward so that they could get a copy of the New Testament.

Upon receiving their copy the Bible, some could not hold their joy as they held high their treasured book for all to see.

In Chikwawa Secondary School, the headmistress for thanked Bible Society for the timely gift of Bibles which she said will go a long way to the student as they will help to mould the character of the students. She told the students, “This is a book that gives wisdom and guidance. Read it for your transformation.”

On his part, the Headmaster of Domasi Mission Mr Jamali Milanzie urged the students to take good of the Bible, to read it and to live by it. On their part, a representative of the students shared her delight with the gift that so unexpected and was indebted to the Bible for their thoughtfulness.

Some Bibles were shared to church groups. Speaking on behalf of the Youth group of Zambezi Evangelical Church, Pastor Chitani was very happy that the Bible Society chose to share the Bibles with the Youth of his church. He promised to become a member of the Bible Society so that he can partner with the organisation in various scripture engagement initiatives.

A total of over 6,000 New Testaments were distributed to various Secondary Schools and Church groups mainly the youth across Malawi.

Joyful Students


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