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Lambya New Testament Launched

Ulufingo Ulupya, the Lambya New Testament, was launched on 23 April 2016 in Chitipa with jubilation and dancing from Christians of all walks of life in Chitipa District. The event was held at Chitipa CCAP hall.

Speaking at the launch, the UBS Translation Advisor, Dr Gerrit Van Steenhergen said that Lambya speaking people should celebrate because they now have the word of God in their language.

“Today is a special day,” he said, “because the Lambya people can hear God speaking in their language. I hope that next time I come to Chitipa, your New Testaments will not be as clean as this, but worn-out as evidence that you have been using them.”

Dr. van Steenbergen also confirmed that the Lambya New Testament is a true representation of the meaning of the original language.

On his part, Bible Society of Malawi Executive Director Mr. Clapperton Mayuni described the launch of the New Testament for the Lambya Bible as a milestone in unifying church leaders and their followers as they will now use it when preaching the Gospel.

Also in attendance was Senior Chief Mwabulambya, who thanked the Bible Society for the translation of the Scriptures into Lambya. He said that he believed that as people read God’s word in their own language, they will change their behavior and live their lives according to God’s will.

“The translation is timely and will help the Lambya people an opportunity of hearing God’s word in their own language,” said Senior Chief  Mwaulambya.

The Lambya translation project started in 2002, and is a joint project of Bible Society of Malawi and Word for the World.

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