Our History

The Bible Society of Malawi was registered as a Non-Governmental charitable Organization with the Malawi Government on 24th February 1973.

Historical Background of the Bible Society of Malawi:

  • 18th century: The organized work of the Society started in Malawi with the early missionaries coming to Central Africa.
  • 1950: The Bible Society of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, whose office was in Harare, opened a depot in Blantyre, Malawi.
  • 1964: The Bible Society office was opened at the recommendation of the Nyasaland Christian Council on 14th May 1964.
  • 1973: 24th February: The Society was incorporated in Malawi under the Trustees Incorporation Act in Blantyre as a charitable organization.
  • 1979: The Society became an Associate Member of the United Bible Societies.
  • 1988: The Society became a full member of the United Bible Societies.

Key Milestones/Achievements
The following is the Bible Society of Malawi Bible publishing history:

  • The Chichewa Buku Lopatulika Bible —first published in 1923, Revised Orthography1966 and the new revised orthography in 2015.
  • Tumbuka Bible—first published in 1952.
  • Tonga Bible—first published in 1985.
  • Tumbuka Common Language Bible—first published in 1981.
  • Tumbuka Common Language Bible with DC—first published in 1981.
  • Ngonde Bible—first published in 1992.
  • Buku Loyera (New Chichewa Common language Bible)—first published in 1999.
  • Buku Loyera with Deuterocanonicals (New Chichewa Common Language Bible) —first published in 2000.
  • Sena Common Language Bible—first published in 2005.
  • First Chichewa Talking Bible—first Produced in 2006.
  • First Chichewa Children’s Bible – first produced in 2007.
  • First Yawo Bible – First produced in 2014.
  • Tumbuka Common Language Revised Bible and Tumbuka Common Language with Deuterocanonicals – published in 2017.
  • First Ellomwe Common Language Bible published in 2019.